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  • Just to note, I’m able to send text on linux to the LCD with no problem, e.g. echo ‘Hello World’ > /dev/ttyS1, so hardware and connection should be no problem, just trying to figure out how to get lcdproc to work with it.

  • Sorry I’m a novice and hope someone can help. I got this module connected to a crystalfontz hd44780 parallel 4x20 LCD, hooked up to a debian linux on ttyS1 (0x2F8). Trying to get it to work with lcdproc, but not able to display anything. I’m using hd44780 driver, and tried various ConnectionType for serial, including picanlcd, lcdserializer, los-panel. set the baud speed to 9600, device=/dev/ttyS1, lcdproc will load the driver, but the log keep showing LCDd: screenlist_switch(s=[_server_screen]) LCDd: screenlist_process()

    I read another post from DoctorWho here that it is working with lcdproc. Can someone please shed some light on how I should configure lcdproc to work with the backpack? Thanks.

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