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  • I made a weird discovery with this kit… If you use the included big green gumdrop lookin' LED, everything works fine. But I bought some of the red and yellow gumdrop lookin' LEDs from sparkfun, thinking I’d just replace the green and be good to go. not so! With every LED besides the green one that came with the kit, it behaves like laptopman’s kit. LED is on all the time and just dims and brightens in what seems like random spots on the trim pot, un-usable. but pop that green one on there and it works fine… i also have some blue LEDs i got from jameco, those work… but all the red, yellow, green, and amber ones I also got from jameco behave like the others, always lit, random dimming, etc… STRANGE! I thought LEDs were all the same, am i wrong? is this green LED somehow special?

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