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  • Good morning all. I’m still looking for help sending commands to the serial backpack. I found the commands on the github page but not how to send then to the device. Art

  • Thanks for the reply. I’ve been there looking for sample code and all I could find was the code for the backpack itself. I dl’d and install the new code into the backpack but I don’t understand how to sent the special commands to do things like clear the display or set the display for 4X20 I’m using NewSoftwareSerial to connect to the backpack and I can print “Hello World” but when I try to send a special commands it either prints garbage or nothing. Art

  • Does anyone have some sample Arduino code that make use of the LCD backpack? I can’t figure out how do things like set the the cursor to a location or how to set the display to 4 X 20.

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