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Vlad B

Member Since: May 10, 2012

Country: United States

  • I did notice that the ground path that i connect the relay board to does seem to fluctuation (~20mv) when i turn on the relays, so what i did was plug the relay control board ground into one ground pin on the Arduino and connect my protoboard ground rail to another ground pin. This seemed to solve the ground voltage fluctuations (i measured it using DMM wrt the ground pin on the voltage reg). I'm also running the TMP36 off the 3v3 rail which only has a 1mv fluctuation wrt to ground when the relay's turn on. Despite all this i still see ~20mv jump in the output reading (on DMM) on the TMP36 when i turn on the relays (which draw ~180ma of current from +5v).

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • I'm having this exact issue now. Where you able to solve it?

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