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  • http://krebsonsecurity.com/all-about-skimmers/

    Link for the lazy.

  • Another comment mentioned that they did not provide credit card numbers or IP addresses, as SparkFun does not store that information.

  • Shipping method seems more reasonable than IP address or credit card. If they can track the package to the shipping provider, they can ask to see who signed for the package.

  • No. Copyright law does not apply to logos. Trademark laws do. Trademark laws protect companies from other people making products and selling it as that company. TV does not need to blur out the logo. If they did, the news would never be able to broadcast in public.

    Many recorded shows blur out products and logos for a different reason. If, for some reason, that bit of film cast the trademarked company in bad situation, the film company could potentially be sued for defamation. Defamation doesn't really count in reporting shows, since the bad thing actually happened for real, but it could be considered defamation in fictional or set up shows (Mythbusters for example).

    The cop show had every right to show the logo. While it doesn't really make Sparkfun look good, one of Sparkfun's products was used in that crime. The show also didn't call attention to the Sparkfun logo (I assume). Also, considering the number of company logos (Visa, Mastercard, Star, Cirrus, etc) on a typical ATM, half the screen would be blurred out :)

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