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  • You should be just fine :)

  • Switched computers and it works just fine now. -__-" Oh magic electrical fairy please stop messing with me. :')

    But now my issue is when I try and upload the IDE always thinks the serial port is busy. Greh.

  • I have "SparkFun Pro Micro 5V/16MHz" selected, but the IDE does mention it can't find a Leonardo selected when something (else) goes wrong.

    I installed the drivers as directed here:

    No matter what I do (add delays, print multiple items, etc) it seems to refuse to print during setup. :/

  • Uhm... Am I crazy? I usually print "Setup complete" at the end of my setup() function, but even when I try and hold the program up until a serial connection is open (while (!Serial) {};) I still can't get it to print out to the serial port during setup! Printing within the loop works just fine... (And the same code works just fine on a Mega)

    Even if I manually reset the PM and keep the serial port open I don't see any printing. Is anybody else seeing this or know how to fix this? :/ I could set up a dummy var and print only once during the first run of the main loop, but I'd like to know why it's doing what it is...

  • There is something wrong with my scope. I think some part of the electronics on the inside have some sort of defect (like a relay or something). =/ All I'm trying to do is look at the PWM output of an arduino, and the screen keeps turning off. The scope beeps, turns on, shuts off, clicks & beeps again. Sometimes it will keep trying to turn on, I'll see a quick flash, hear the startup beep and it'll turn off again. Has anyone seen this problem before? =/

  • Video force units? "900" means nothing to me.