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Been a geek all my life. Got my ham radio license in the 9th grade in 1967. My call (if you haven’t figured that out..) is WB8ERJ. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering, know several programming languages, my preference is C. So I am obviously a fan of the Arduino.

Presently I am the Station Engineer at WVMC FM, and I do other random things like Build Electric Guitars.

– Mike

Mike’s Tech Blog

  • Finishing up my Ardunio Color organ. I used one of these to feed audio to the SparkFun Audio Spectrum board. I had a little trouble at first, as it didn’t seem to light up the LED strips properly. They all just sort of came on with the beat of the music. I traced my problem down to a couple of things. First of all, I am using a hacked computer power supply, which aren’t the cleanest source for DC voltage. Secondly, I am using the Electret Microphone attached to a 10 ft. piece of shielded wire. In both cases I am asking for trouble for picking up noise.

    The problem appears to have been taken care of when I soldered a 15 uF Tantalum capacitor between the breakout board’s GND and VCC terminal.

    Here is a youtube video of my color organ - not the best audio, but you get the idea.

    Mike’s Color Organ

    This might also help other people who are having issues with noise too.

    – Mike

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