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  • I first became a Sparkfun customer in 2012. Since then I've spent over $642 with them and only rarely bought electronic hobbyist items from any other source (occasionally Digikey). I considered Sparkfun to be an integral part of my hobby. That changed about 8 months ago when Sparkfun felt compelled to use their site as a platform for the LGBTQ political agenda. I came to their site one day hoping to find some new interesting gadget to ponder, but instead I was presented with the pro-leftist agenda and a picture of some idiot in full drag (with horns no less) in a gay pride parade. That blog was similar to this one - leftist/liberal/socialist vs. conservative viewpoints.

    Since then I have not spent a single penny with Sparkfun and intend to never do so again. Occasionally I return here to see what is new, but with no intent of buying anything from them. I do not contribute money to leftist/socialist causes of any type -- including Sparkfun who went from an electronic hobbyist website to one propagating the leftist/socialist agenda and talking points.

    Sparkfun will never regret losing my business. They will never even know what they're losing. How can they count something that they never received? Their decision to politicize their site IS losing them money. I know this for a fact because if nothing else they are losing MY money.

    They are losing more than money. They are losing whatever goodwill they had with a significant percentage of their customer base (roughly half of voting Americans went for Trump). I for one am highly disappointed in their bewildering decision to turn what was an enjoyable website into yet another political platform for contentious debate.

    If you agree that the politicization of this site is disrespectful to its customers, then you should consider shopping elsewhere. There are plenty of other places to buy your electronic hobbyist stuff without having to deal with Sparkfun's leftist/socialist political agenda.

  • Why don't you suggest to the head dude at Sparkfun that perhaps you guys should stick to selling electronic stuff and leave the leftist political rabble rousing to the professionals (i.e. the main stream media). That way when your customers want to get a load of leftist/socialist talking points they can go to CNN and the Huffington Post, and when they want to shop for electronics they can come to Sparkfun.com. The vast majority of your customers do not belong to Boulder's elitist social circles.

  • To add to your post... don't forget Adafruit! They have a much better assortment of development boards than Sparkfun. I usually buy their boards via Amazon since I am a Prime member and get the 2 day shipping. You won't be disappointed with Adafruit -- they make quality products. The vast majority of components Sparkfun sells can also be found at Digikey for less money. Digikey's customer service is the very best, their shipping is very reasonable and lightning fast. Best of all -- they don't annoy half their customer base with liberal political talking points.

    I'm not a political activist, but when a retail electronics firm decides it wants to become another Huffington Post, I say it's time to let your feet (and wallet) do a little walking -- boycott Sparkfun!

  • “Where does the vitriol come from?”

    Sparkfun has been one of my favorite websites for the last four years. I am surprised and disappointed to learn that it is apparently destined to become a platform for political causes instead of what I thought was a non-political place to veg while reading up on what Sparkfun has to offer. With all the pro-LGBT changes in our culture recently, are LGBT folks really so insecure and/or selfish that their agenda has to permeate every aspect of public life? Does their lifestyle really need to be accepted and approved by everyone? Are you welcoming and inclusive of all political points of view? Would you mind if a conservative Sparkfun employee (as if such a thing could exist) were to post a blog on Sparkfun praising the right to bear arms, the virtues of Capitalism vs. Communism, etc. Something tells me both you and Nate would agree that such political promotions are not appropriate here, regardless of how many customers agreed with them. As far as the "vitriol" goes, you have my blessing to ignore my comments. It matters not.

    I’m both proud of Nate making a public statement of inclusion and sad that an owner would need to do that.

    Why did he "need" to make a public statement of inclusion? Did a gay person complain about not feeling included? Does shopping for electronics require a sense of inclusion. Does political correctness elevate "feeling" above all else? What does Nate think we are? A bunch of limp-wristed sissies? I wish a few macho lesbians would stand up and tell Nate with a strong and steady voice, "We don't need no stinkin' inclusion. Our LGBT ancestors endured throughout the ages under much harsher circumstances. Thanks for the platitudes and patronizing, but we don't need or want any pampering."

    BTW Do you think Nate would proclaim Sparkfun's support of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms if I whined to him that I would feel more included if he did so?

    BTW, how do you know what the bathroom of a gay bar looks like ;-)?

    Would you believe me if I were to say I was using my imagination? I thought that comment was pertinent based on my apparent misreading of an emoticon. My bad.

  • Very cute <3 Counter-clockwise rotation intended.

  • I know. It doesn't make sense to me either. If nothing else it elevates the political/social standing of the owner, especially considering who must be his peers. Sparkfun is located in Niwot, Colorado (close to Boulder, their former location) an expensive area in which to live, a university town, and understandingly a hotbed of liberal/socialist ideology. I hope he realizes that virtually everything benefits from moderation and that his decision to politicize Sparkfun will alienate some customers. He has made it clear -- Sparkfun is politically correct and advocates the LGBT agenda. Now if he wishes to accommodate his less politically correct customers (rather than lose them) let him set some coders loose on adding a filter to web content. May I suggest: * Display only electronics related items * Display only LGBT related indoctrination * Display liberal/socialist talking points * Display Gay merchandise (PG rated) * Display Gay merchandise (MA rated, most items include a piezo)

  • You could be right. I may have misread the intent of the emoticon. If so I apologize.

  • Thank you for this excellent post. I agree with you completely. I used to thoroughly enjoy browsing Sparkfun seeing what cool stuff was available -- like a kid in a candy store. Well things have changed -- the thought police have arrived. Sparkfun has decided that offering a good selection of electronic hobbyist items is no longer an adequate rasion d'être. Will identity politics increase their bottom line? I doubt it. Will their LGBT customers feel better about themselves knowing that Sparkfun management feels compelled to bemoan their exclusion in the electronic hobbyist market place? Probably. Are those of us who prefer not to be subject to homosexual indoctrination considered valued customers? I'm withholding judgement for now, even though it's not looking good. Scan down this thread and look at the response from NPoole for my last post: **We are pretty fierce, tho, right? <3 ** What does the emoticon look like to you? Imagine the "<3" turned 90°. I imagine that is a very common emoticon amongst the delicate, fragile, and sensitive LGBT crowd. Is this a sign of things to come now that Sparkfun has embarked down the gay agenda path? I suggest the owner of the company may want to keep a close eye on the LGBT activists he employs. Once Sparkfun is known as not only a gay advocacy store front, but also as a place where vulgarity by employees is permitted (or encouraged?) just consider how many parents may forbid their children from frequenting their website? Kids get enough PC indoctrination from public schools. They surely don't need more of it from a website that should be like a "candy store" to them instead of like the bathroom of a gay bar.

  • In my comments I never used the word 'hypocrite'. I guess my sarcasm got the point across. I consider myself a loyal Sparkfun customer and really enjoy browsing your site. I'm very happy with the service from your staff, so please don't fire any of them to hire obese lesbian African women -- I was only kidding! In reality I have absolutely no problem dealing with a 99% white company like Sparkfun -- you guys are great at what you do even while burdened by your whiteness. But by the looks of your employees, I venture to say you have met with extraordinary success in recruiting homosexuals. Keep up the good work and keep reminding us of how politically correct Sparkfun is and will remain.

  • Okay. So how do we encourage Sparkfun to hire more minorities so that Sparkfun can not only tolerate diversity, but actually BECOME more diverse. Don't forget, diversity is Sparkfun's biggest strength. I hope to come back in a few weeks -- look at the new Sparkfun employees group photograph and marvel at all the new faces of color. Is that what I can expect from a politically correct company like Sparkfun? Please fire at least half your white boys and replace them with obese Lesbian African women. Trust me -- this one change will increase your productivity multi-fold.

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