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  • I have been tinkering with this device. I'm using a 10 ohm burden resistor, but then I'm looking at measuring amperages that go up close to the maximum capacity of the CT (the spec sheet says 60A, even though the product description says 30A). The CT output seems to match pretty closely to what's printed in the datasheet. You could feasibly play with the resistor values to tweak the output, but it will affect the accuracy for a given range of values.

    I tried using the precision rectifier circut referenced up above, but I had a lot of trouble with it at very low input voltages. I used the circuit emulator app at to get the resistor values right, but in the actual circuit the amplification wasn't at all linear down there, so it made measuring small currents impossible. I'm now playing with incorporating an AD636 true RMS to DC chip, which is working reasonably well, but still has issues at very low voltages (like a few mV).

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