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Country: Canada

  • Bought this recently and had a chance to use it for about a month on a pretty frequent basis. So here's my review!

    Overall this is a great product, and I'm very happy with it! It heats up fast and the price:quality is great. I expect it to work very reliably for the foreseeable future.

    Now that that's out of the way there are a couple things which could be fixed; by no means should these dissuade you from buying this product but you should be aware of them before your purchase.

    1. The brass-coloured cover for the brass sponge doesn't stick in the cavity and always pops out. (A little bit of electrical tape sorted that out pretty quickly).

    2. The tip that comes with the iron is quite fine... too fine for a noob like me anyway. I took the recommendation of one of the other commenter's and bought the Hakko T18 tip with the iron which works great for me. (I did try the other tip first for comparisons sake).

    3. The holder doesn't hold the iron perfectly, it kind of falls out a bit causing the iron tip to come quite close the rear wall of the holder, mostly cosmetic as it doesn't actually touch but it could cause that spot on the holder to get quite hot. (The issue seems to be that the 'comfort grip' overlaps the plastic bit that threads the tip to the handle so the iron doesn't seat completely into the holder. If you pull the comfort grip off it seats perfectly into the holder. I think I might be able to fix this later on with a small spacer of some kind or by trimming off a little bit of the grip. If there was maybe 2mm/2.5mm more of that plastic went uncovered by the comfort grip it would seat properly in the holder).

    4. The plastic used for the 'comfort grip', is cheap feeling. But that's cosmetic as functionally there are no problems with it.

    5. The metallic connector and ring for where the wand plugs into the base is quite thin and cheap... but in no way effects the reliability or stability of the connection.

    To sum up: This might sound really critical, but I'm actually really happy with this purchase and totally recommend it to any hobbyists like myself. It's still a great deal for the money!

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