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  • Ah shoot, this is an RN-41 (T9JRN41-1) that I have.

  • Is there any way to test if the TX port is defective?

    This is a bluesmirf that was lent to me, if I can get TX (from bluesmirf => board) working, I intend to buy one of my own.

    As I mentioned board => bluesmirf works fine, and sending $$$ and other commands from Coolterm.app => bluesmirf works fine.

  • If I issue a data command to the bluesmirf, should bluesmirf automatically send that data command to the arduino?


    • I can connect to the unit just fine (green light).

    • I can send '$$$' and 'D\n' and 'H\n' and various other getters and setters just fine (via Coolterm.app for Mac).

    • The board can print data just fine from TX (board) => RX (bluesmirf) just fine (because the sketch tells it to) and this data appears on my terminal (Coolterm.app for Mac).

    The only thing that does not work is sending data (strings from Coolterm.app) to the bluesmirf and having bluesmirf send the data to the board.

    Is this not possible? Am I missing a step?

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