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  • Thanks a bunch, a 1ronzo. I have been a machinist for over 30 yrs, and am now learning to automate things and learning to program and electronics stuff. Kinda like slogging through ankle deep mud, LOL! I want to learn it on my own, but it is real nice to have a little help. People like you and all the good, smart folks on these forums are awesome to me!

  • What I mean is, can I program the eval board for digital output?

  • This eval board works great, with an FTDI Basic I can get a scrolling temp readout using the Arduino program. I am new at this, can I get an output or two using the PC0 thru PC3? Specifically, light a remote LED and activate a servo. Im using Arduino 1.01 and the IC2 files to try to get an output at a certain temperature. Im learning, but I`m stumped. I can run all this through an Arduino Uno, but would like to know if I could do it just using the eval board.

  • So, I will have to run this eval board thru an Arduino to get temp info? I have it wired with FTDI basic cable.

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