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  • A reliable source leaked a photo of Sparkfun’s secret experiment slated to be the ultimate Raspberry Pi killer, the “Kiss Box”. No word yet on whether Hershey’s has bought off on the idea or if initial prototypes have made it through customs.

  • Man. Dr. Frankenstein had it so rough with all that pre-historic lab equipment. Glad Sparkfun was invented since then. Now if only that high-voltage shock-box kit I ordered would just get here…

  • “The ear bone’s connected to the… microphone. The microphone’s connected to the… bluetooth. The bluetooth’s connected to the… internet feed. Now, why would doctors need 8 years of training to do this again?

  • Data, Data, Data… First of all, it is not considered an automated robot when its robot controller is considered sentient. Secondly, I TOLD you what would happen if you tried to race that Sparkfun crew from Bouldarius 6 in that Intersolar AVC competition. Maybe this pressure chip will help…

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