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  • Very helpful! I was experiencing this same thing, and your comment saved me. Thanks.

  • Very helpful. Thanks!

    Was experiencing this with the BMP085 pressure reading. After re-visiting USB_Weather_Board_V3_datasheet_130705.pdf, realized I needed to adjust my station altitude since I was measuring relative pressure type (as opposed to absolute).

    Prior to updating my station altitude I was getting a BMP085 pressure reading of "35.547 inHg FAIL". Further investigation showed that the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded is 25.69 inHg (Super Typhoon Tip) and the highest ever recorded being 32.03 inHg (Tonsontsengel, Mongolia). Once I corrected my station altitude (via CTRL-Z) my readings came in at an acceptable level of ~29.959 inHg, and the "FAIL" display went away.

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