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  • "In Soviet Russia, Sparkfun solders you!"

  • Having been a winner in two past free days, and spending a great deal of time in my "real" job on promotions and marketing that have to deal with lottery laws, I am sad to see it go, and completely understand why it had to. Let me say that I am glad to see you re-allocate the money to your educational tour. I did not contribute to the Kickstarter campaign because I think that those who contribute to a campaign should also be the beneficiaries, however I love the idea that you would take profits and utilize them in this way.

  • I really like the red boxes background! Really makes the colors pop in the videos.

  • Bought one of these for use with my Fez Panda to add networking at a lower cost than the full shield. It works great but I thought I'd post a few caveats I ran into when working with this just to help people make their decision...
    First of all, this really is a full blown alternative to the Arduino shield and works well.
    The soldered on headers are actually kind of a pain. You cannot prototype with this on a breadboard as there are two rows of pins on each side and you cannot short them together in the way a breadboard would. This left me with using jumper wires to connect them to my microcontroller. The wires ended up being long and that caused me a couple hours of debugging before I was able to discern that there was no problem with my software, but that the long wires were causing the SPI connection to be faulty.
    I was able (for FEZ owners) to use the NETDUINO driver for the W5100 instead of the binary drivers provided by GHI and turn down the SPI speed. This made my setup work, albeit a bit slower than it probably should.
    I'm probably going to end up desoldering the headers as they are in my way, I kind of wish this had come with them in the box but not soldered on.
    Maybe somebody will have a great solution for me on how they connected theirs.
    Have fun!

  • FIRST!! I'll be cheering for the Thunder Chickens this year too.
    As a professional software engineer I got my start in electronics and computer programming in FIRST. It's a great program! I'm a living example of how getting kids into stuff that's way over their heads will give them bigger expectations for themselves.
    As an electronics professional or hobbyist let me encourage you to check out their website at www.usfirst.org. See if there is a team in your area, they're fun to watch and even more fun to help out. The engineers and shop guys at Siemens Automotive gave me invaluable experience and skills that I use today.
    GO Thunder Chickens.

  • Having received my shipment today I have to wonder if my box is sitting open on that table... and if the little wad of geami in it was once wrapped around that Samurai.
    Thanks for using this stuff by the way, packing peanuts are of the devil.

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