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  • Also, how did people design their soldering footprint? The schematic doesn’t seem to give the dimensions for the reflow soldering footprint. I ended up using someone elses footprint for my design, but I would be curious to know how they designed it without it being present in the datasheet (yes I see the drawing on the last page, but that doesn’t give the pads for soldering to the board (the places around the perimeter).


  • Does anyone know what the typical current is that this thing draws? The data sheet says that peak current is 180mA, but this seems like an unacceptable value for most voltage regulators: (5-1.5)V * 180mA = .63W. Most of the voltage regulators I have seen that are reasonably sized usually have 215C/W, since .63 is being dropped over the regulator, it will be about 135C! That seems too hot because the shut off temperature is 175C… this really doesn’t seem to leave much room for temperature fluctuation. So can someone give me some pointers as to what voltage regulators they used for their application or maybe what current they typically see the camera pull?


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