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  • This trackball can be made extremely sensitive. The best approach for increasing the sensitivity on this device would be to use analog pins rather than digital ones. The hall effect sensors will sweep out a Sine wave between 0 and ~3.3v depending on input voltage. Sampling the analog input would yield you a better range. – 0.3 to (VCC + 0.3) the output of the hall effect sensor. You would get some portion of the resolution of your dac (8bits is the resolution of most DAC's on common micro controllers on arduinos and such) but you must multiply that by 4 as there are 2 poles to the magnet an rotating 180 degrees causes 4 iterations of the wave. Then you must multiply by 9 because there are 9 rotations per 360 degrees that would give you 256 bits of resolution per 360 degrees.

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