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  • I used an RAC05 for a 12VAC-5VDC straight from the wall outlet. I did not use a 12VDC unit, but you can check the links below. Its through hole and can be mounted on a PCB with your project. I purchased mine from

    Maybe sparkfun can look into carrying these units, since they are really handy to have for any control system in the home.

    Digikey site:


  • Thank you so much. I tried to stay up until 2PM EST to place the order, but I could not.

  • The boards are:

    Redboard, Uno R3, Mini 3 & 5 volts

    I will try one more time and then email CS.

  • Backorder is still giving me this error:

    Something broke.

    ...not to worry. We've logged this error and will be looking into it.

    Reference #06d4f9ff1c

    HELP HELP HELP fix this. I woke up early EST for this because the site said "backorders are available."

  • Back order is still broken. Can not process please fix ASAP. I don't want to loose out of these items.

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