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  • A guy flies his plane by himself. You think that’s me? No. I am the one who flocks!

  • Hehe

  • Good to know Lou!

    It was all that use of was - past tense!

  • Did anyone else start to read this and think it was an obituary?

  • Anyone know of an even smaller printer unit than this one? Ideally I’d love to have a printer that basically printed fortune cookies or strips - not unlike a label maker printer.

  • This product could really use some documentation luvin' - just got one to help me debug a problem I’m having in a device, and I am pretty lost getting it setup I must confess.

    Not that I have even gotten to the code part, but for starters, it looks like there is a new version of the library available (005) at https://code.google.com/p/arms22/downloads/detail?name=SoftModem-005.zip

    So far, this page is the best documentation I’ve found -> http://arms22.blog91.fc2.com/?tag=SoftModem. It references the new library, shows a nice picture of the board wired up without any complicated transistors, resistors, etc. that I’ve seen in other examples.


  • Before I go chop mine apart, I’m wondering if there is any connection between the two “arms” of this thing? I’d like to cut it in half in the middle and custom-mount the light and detector in a different housing. Anyone done that?

    Also, any thoughts on how far apart this thing can be and still detect?

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