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  • You're not likely to find purple in a rainbow or anywhere else in the color spectrum since the color purple doesn't actually exist. For an explanation go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPPYGJjKVco

    Also you're own info sheet says those purple LEDs are actually violet 395nm - 400nm, which makes much more since in a rainbow ;-)

  • I hate to be nitpicky but it annoyed me that you kept saying you were increasing the "power", you're not increasing the power with that gearset, you're increasing the torque. The power output capability should remain roughly the same as power is rpm x torque, all you've done is trade off rpm for torque.


  • I watched the video again and from what he says it sounds like If there's no keyboard plugged in when the device boots the HDMI port is disabled, but the device still boots and you should have access through the serial terminal or ssh ( Once you've setup a password of course ). Although for anyone who was thinking of taping one of these to the back of a TV and trying to use it as a media center, that would be very annoying.

  • More helpful then the datasheet would be this document
    which explains the theory of operation, and also has the mathematical equations to calculate the necessary component values for any desired output voltage.

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