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  • Maybe I missed where this was documented, but I didn't see any indication of which contact was the LED+ and which was the LED-, so I thought I'd let people know. There are 5 contacts total. 3 contacts (COM, NO, & NC) are for the microswitch - they all protrude from the white housing of the microswitch assembly. The 2 contacts for the LED come out of the black housing.

    If you hold the button upside down, so that you're looking at the microswitch assembly not the red dome, and then rotate it so that the 3 contacts for the microswitch are all pointing to your right, then the LED+ is the contact furthest from you, and the lug closest to you is LED-. Said another way, if you orient the 3 switch contacts so they are at the 3 o'clock position, the LED+ is at the 12, and the LED- is at the 6. Hope this helps if anyone is confused about hooking up the LED.

    Also, if you're not sure, the bulb will light with only 5V across (in fact it will light with about 1.5V), so you can start with much lower voltage to figure out which way the LED is oriented, then ramp up to 12V for brightness.

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