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  • ah, i just saw the bit about the conductive coating - perhaps the coating is being rubbed off over time?

  • I have used this thread to make some fabric bend sensors and it works fine for what I am using it for, but I have found that it becomes less conductive over time. Is this because of oxidation of the silver in the thread? Has anyone else experienced this?

  • okay, had to give up on this product after a few frustrating weeks. It is very finicky about its power supply (you'll need to feed it between 3.3 and 5V), finally rigged up a power supply that it liked, had it working for a day, and then it died. Going back to my Uno shield...

  • I've been in touch with tech support but I have only heard from them once since I contacted them a few days ago, and obviously this is an ongoing problem. I've been disconnecting the xbees for when I upload sketches since I knew you couldn't keep it connected. Perhaps somehow both my arduinos are damaged, not sure how that happened since the Uno was working fine before the problem started with the lilypad. I'll see if I can find a solution somewhere. Thanks for your help.

  • and I am using the xbee series 1 (not pro)

  • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I think something is off with the lilypad, when I had it plugged into my computer with the FTDI it kept shorting out my USB. Then I tried to program the Blink sketch onto it (I had initially gotten the blink sketch to work after reading your comment but I had gone back to check the serial monitor) and now arduino is telling me that the program is not responding and will not let me upload any sketches to either the lilypad or the uno. I tried restarting the computer to no avail. So I think that the lilypad might have damaged my USB ports.

    So I guess now I have a different problem! Any advice?

  • Yes I am getting the blinking red LED on the Xbee (and I went ahead and connected + to 5V even though it still lit up without it). I am also getting the green LED on the Lilypad. Is it possible that the AAA battery is enough voltage to power the Xbee but not communicate with the Arduino?

  • Thanks for your response. I programmed the lilypad using the FTDI but then removed it to test the Xbee functionality. I know it's not a problem with my sketch because it works using the Uno and it's corresponding Xbee shield.

    Do you think this is a power problem? I am using the Lilypad Power supply with the AAA battery, and while I suspected it was not enough power, everything seems to be illuminated - the Lilypad, the Xbee, and the LED I am testing. I am not sure if insufficient power supply would illuminate everything but not allow it to function - I thought that if power was insufficient, it would just fail to illuminate.

    Thanks again.

  • Also tried that earlier, and tried it again just for good measure. I still don't seem to have communication between the two.

  • okay just discovered you don't need power to power with the xbee because of the capacitor you just need ground. Got a little closer but still can't control it from my sketch...

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