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  • News - According to Pete - PCB L… | about 8 months ago

    Make sure to keep up with KiCad. I’ve found it very powerful. It’s improved a lot since two years ago.

  • Product PRT-10561 | about 8 months ago

    It’s late for me to reply, but you can get gloss acrylic sprays to apply to this.

  • Product PRT-11081 | about 8 months ago

    I don’t see how it saves on having a having a stencil. Presumably the non-copper parts won’t dissolve, so you won’t get a stencil until you clean out all of the guck.

  • Product TOL-08967 | about 8 months ago

    Agreed! :D

  • Product TOL-08967 | about 8 months ago

    Why did you lick the pen…?

  • Product PGM-11460 | about a year ago

    I bought this after I spent 2 hours not communicating with my aatiny85, which was wired to my avr_isp2 programmer via a breadboard. Hopefully this reduces the variables of where I could have messed up! :)

  • Product TOL-08966 | about a year ago

    I really frequently like to buy from sparkfun, but this stuff is pretty expensive. It’s not that sparkfun is charging too much for it- it seems retail is similar- but does anyone know if there’s a cheaper way of refreshing my tips? Eventually I’ll upgrade to this, but I just bought a new iron and can’t quite afford the tinner.

  • Product PRT-11359 | about a year ago

    You can easily assume:

    Li-Ion battery, nominal 3.7V (that’s what they’re typically these days.)

    90% efficient boost circuit. (maybe 88%? Maybe 92%? but that’s a minor difference.)

    So 2000mA(3.7/5.5).9 = 1.210Ah. NOTICE: That 2000mAh is on an excessive discharge. typically, you never want to run below 20%, and 30% would be even better, to ensure longterm usability. It’s less important with a 1Cell device, but still important. So consider further derating this.

    Regards :).

  • Product PRT-11360 | about a year ago

    It says it will source 1A, that means it gives out 1A. So you can run some more power hungry USB devices off of this.

    If it was sinking 1A, that would cause a potential problem on most USB ports.

    Edit: Example: Someone just asked if it will work fine for a mobile raspberry pi. And if it was only capable of 500mA, it would not be good. As it’s more capable than that, it’s fine :).

  • Product SEN-11028 | about a year ago

    If it’s anything like MPU6500, it won’t be released until Q1 2014 :p.

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