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  • Behold! A truth table!

  • Are you sure this is the correct way to build and UNDER BIASED AMP?

  • I too remember the panic about global COOLING back in the 70's. It's sad how these days you are some kind of heretic if you even suggest another point of view. Perhaps while it may be true that humans contribute to climate change it is also true that earths climate changes far more dramatically than we as humans can influence and that almost all the "carbon" schemes do more to put money in someones pocket than actually affecting the climate in any way.

    The climate on mars changed dramatically with no human intervention, it has both warmed and cooled dramatically here on earth long before any of us were here too.

    I'm all for cutting down on pollution, planting a tree and keeping our water clean but even if we do all that the climate is going to change, as it always has, and we will adapt. It's a far better plan then thinking we can prevent climate change if we just tax carbon enough in some way.

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