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  • So my team uses these with HABs and we have a pretty simple HTTP Endpoint to decode this and handle as we desire. For your use case, however, you could set up a dedicated inbox (say gmail for free) and have a program on your pi that monitors it and responds.

  • It looks like they support sending directly to another RockBlock, on their Developer Guide page 15 they give an example. I haven't confirmed this works myself yet. Example message:

    I order to send the message ‘Hello’ to the RockBLOCK with serial number 1234, using binary mode, then the MO buffer should contain:

    52 42 00 04 d2 48 65 6c 6c 6f

    The first two bytes decode as ‘RB’ and are required as a prefix. The next 24 bits (00 04 d2) indicate the serial number of the target RockBLOCK. To achieve the same result using ASCII mode, the format is slightly different. Your SBDWT command would look like this:


  • Yes! I've used these extensively for HAB launches and they are fantastic. We hook in a Byonics HA GPS and a simple arduino to do the control and you have a pretty simple integrated unit.

    If you want, you can stripe in data to your message (1credit = 50bytes), so we have all the basic telemetry in along with various sensor readings (uv, luminosity, gyro, accel and mag). We throttle the reports based on altitude (31seconds apart < 60,000ft, 67s apart when greater) and have some simple logic to detect change, if no change - ignore sending another burst.

  • Yes, my team has used this module extensively and had great experience. Just a few weeks ago we hit 98,000ft with reports the whole way.

  • WASD: Flying American.

  • This is a seriously awesome board. Built it into a custom mechanical keyboard (an ErgoDox). Ordering another for other USB emulating projects.

  • This is a pretty awesome little guy. I have two of them for HAB stuff. Especially nice with the cape options (including making your own). Will be buying my next one here!

  • Yep, I plugged it in and immediately connected - no trouble at all. Later on I went in to adjust some settings through the UART - but that isn't necessary for OTB functionality.

  • Just built mine out today, works fantastically. Just note that for the LEDs, they're open drains. I missed that at first...

  • You know a good place to get a drink around here?