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  • I am 3 years late to the game, but it won't work well on a off the rack board. It should be easier to build today. It must be as light as possible. The battery and motors are critical. The lighter it is the less energy (MVV) it has when makes an unplanned contact with the ground, wall or other object [crash]. So the longer a battery can keep in the air and the less likely it is to break.

    I once made a control line flying wing using an 0.20 Cox engine so light an all balsa and tissue plane could repeatedly dive from full over head 90 degrees into the ground and only occasionally suffer a broken propeller.

    The down side to this is the less mass it has the more easily air currents disturb its flight and the less stability it has in flight.


  • For the folks that can't get to Denver. A lot the stuff folks need to support their projects is available where ever they are. The just need to hook up with the right people. One group that is usually helpful are ham radio operators. We're not seen a cutting edge any more but we have a lot of the stuff you need to build stuff and more important most of us are helpful and many of us have machine shop and junk piles that can build most things.

    There are other groups as well. Look around Antique engine and machinery shows While the shows don't cater to our interests the folks that go to them often have interests similar to ours. As long as your willing to give as well as take most of them are glad to share and pay forward.

    Good luck 73 de Gordon Couger W5RED Trustee for W5YJ Oklahoma State University