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  • Does this support USB PD, QC 3.0+, or any other common quick charge capabilities? Looking at the MCP73833 datasheet, it looks like "no" but I'm super rusty on my hardware design

  • Would this work with the chasing EL wire?

  • I plan to order 4 of these to power 12M of chasing EL wire for my motorcycle. (3M per inverter) The motorcycle has a few switched 12VDC lines that are easy to connect to--could I connect all 4 in series safely?

  • Any chance we'd see a continuous servo version of this as a different SKU? Two NO switches in parallel to act as endstops, button changes direction, ABT with functionality you suggested? (Velocities and accel)

  • Question: What is a reasonable framerate to expect from this module, and why is framerate [or a similar spec] never (or seldomly, for fear that the internet can't understand hyperbole) a published spec for microbolometers? The concept of a thermal overlay over a visor to aid with (motor)cycling at night would be (in)validated with such a spec ^My particular interest

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