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  • Product BOB-10859 | about 2 years ago

    Hi, I’m confused on how to wire this up regarding logic power. I’ve got an external power supply for the motor which I connect to V+ and GND (guess this is JP5 on the schematic) and so I connect BSYN,STBY,FLGN,STCK,SDI,SDO,CSN,CK as described in the Example Sketch. But what would I connect to pins: 5V and GND on JP10? What about ADC, V and SET? And SW and GND? I’ve tried to read and understand the datasheet the best I could and I’ve made some connections, that makes it function, however I get some weird not expected signals on the SDO line and occasionally it makes the motors do unexpected stuff.

    I would love to see an example wiring diagram for Arduino/Netduino, thank you.

  • Product BOB-10859 | about 2 years ago

    Note: evaluation software is found at the bottom of tab page “Design support”

  • Product BOB-10859 | about 2 years ago

    Yep, of course, thank’s for bothering.

  • Product ROB-09670 | about 2 years ago


    I’m using a Netduino and the output is only 3.3V, would that be enough to set the “IN1”, “IN2”, “ENA”…etc. to high? Or must it be 5V, similar to what an Arduino output provides?

  • Product BOB-10859 | about 2 years ago


    Do you have a Arduino/Netduino connection and code example?

    Thank you Kristoffer

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