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Karl Bielefeldt

Member Since: May 26, 2012

Country: United States


Design engineer making telecommunications equipment for a living. Tinkerer in RC, robotics, and amateur radio for a hobby.

  • I’m too much of a manly American to demo that new pinko commie Teensy! Hmph!

  • SparkFun and Atmel debut their new joint venture: using sneakernet to address security concerns on the Internet of Things.

  • Why would it not surprise me if the sole reason for your move was to get a newer parking lot for AVC?

  • I might have to try this. I just got a dinged and dented pro mini that’s begging to be used in a project.

    I have an addition to the tips. If you’re trying to inspire young kids, you don’t have to make it complex at all. A couple weeks ago, my seven year-old son wanted to make a robot. Having little energy at the time for a long project, I looked around for something easy. We stuck a plastic knife and fork into a small shipping box for arms, scotch taped a junk CDROM onto a servo from our little bits kit, drew a face on it, and connected the servo and a buzzer to a push button. Took all of 5 minutes, did nothing other than beep and wiggle its head, and they loved it!

  • Hmm, my son turns 8 in a few weeks. I might have to buy some of these “for him.” Although I usually try to avoid bricking my electronics projects.

  • When planning your e-textile project, it’s important to select something that will match with any outfit.

  • For those of you without heat ray vision, please stay after class so I can show you the slow way to solder.

  • What Bob doesn’t realize yet is those women just got an awful idea while they were inventorying the igniters.

  • Testers for sparkfun’s new line of thinking caps uncover a few mind-altering bugs.

  • My first browser was lynx in 1993, which I used at college to visit college and library web sites. I didn’t even know web pages could have pictures until 1996. Then it was netscape, mozilla, then firefox. I use Chrome now because when I first tried it shortly after it came out (I don’t know if it’s the case anymore), it rendered much faster than the alternatives, and ran javascript faster too. Also the syncing, minimalist interface with lots of room for what you’re actually reading, and url and search in one place. OS is Windows at work, and Arch Linux at home.

    On a side note, am I the only one who sees Nick staring at a floating magnifying glass?

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