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Design engineer making telecommunications equipment for a living. Tinkerer in RC, robotics, and amateur radio for a hobby.

  • I always enjoy reasons of the form, "I use windows because all the programs I use run on windows." Well, duh.

  • FYI, the comment on the schematic that says SA0 = 0 by default is wrong. With the jumper open SA0 = 1, making the default address 0x1d.

  • Pete's overengineering anonymous sponsor caught him in the act again and had to confiscate his tools for his own safety. Next time it gets too sunny, Pete will try to remember to just wear a hat.

  • That question is sort of like asking what's the difference between a soldier's camo and civilian camo. There IS no significant visual difference, but it doesn't matter, because that's not the dangerous part. Real bombs also require explosive material and some sort of detonator to kick the explosion off.

    That's why context is key. By all means if you find something like that abandoned in an empty school hallway, take every possible precaution. If a kid is showing it to you, clearly calling it his homemade clock, don't freak out.

  • After Luigi's spectacular and well-documented disaster in 1985, no one dared attempt another AVC for 24 years. Make them autonomous, they said. What's the worst that could happen, they said.

  • I'm too much of a manly American to demo that new pinko commie Teensy! Hmph!

  • SparkFun and Atmel debut their new joint venture: using sneakernet to address security concerns on the Internet of Things.

  • Why would it not surprise me if the sole reason for your move was to get a newer parking lot for AVC?

  • I might have to try this. I just got a dinged and dented pro mini that's begging to be used in a project.

    I have an addition to the tips. If you're trying to inspire young kids, you don't have to make it complex at all. A couple weeks ago, my seven year-old son wanted to make a robot. Having little energy at the time for a long project, I looked around for something easy. We stuck a plastic knife and fork into a small shipping box for arms, scotch taped a junk CDROM onto a servo from our little bits kit, drew a face on it, and connected the servo and a buzzer to a push button. Took all of 5 minutes, did nothing other than beep and wiggle its head, and they loved it!

  • Hmm, my son turns 8 in a few weeks. I might have to buy some of these "for him." Although I usually try to avoid bricking my electronics projects.

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