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  • Wonderful! I'm curious to see what has changed. In particular, I'd value another set of pads so I can add both a polyfuse and a resistor to help avoid damage and possibly dangerous LiPo overheating from the inevitable spill-related short. That said, I can easily bodge in a resistor somewhere if necessary so the single pad (smaller footprint) is probably preferred in most cases.

  • I'm really sad to see this discontinued! I'm working with the Sparkfun heaters that happily run straight off the LiPo 3.3V power, and I don't see another similarly simple board with a JST connector that would make it easy to repeatedly remove the battery for recharging. The included pad for a resistor is just brilliant if I need to reduce the heat output! The LilyPad LiPower board, in contrast, is huge and expensive for this purpose.

    On the plus side, I could easily order a bunch of these somewhere like OSHPark with your included Eagle files.

    I did find some available at I'm not sure if they're just reselling remaining stock from Sparkfun or if they have some other source (I suspect the former).

  • No, sorry. That's am entirely different circuit, and charging iDevices requires authentication in most cases.

    Just buy authentic, overpriced apple accessories to avoid a headache!

  • Even better, you don't need a wire! Just remove the solder connecting to the 2k resistor (500mA side) with solder wick, and add a blob to"jumper " the pads on the other, 100mA side!

  • Both resistors in parallel would give around 600mA, not 60mA! I think you mean you want to put them in series, but I don't know if any micro grabbers that would reliably grab resistors to accomplish that without solder.

    My suggestion is to replace the resistor with a 16k ohm resistor to get 62mA or an 18k resistor to get 56mA. You can get the surface mount resistor for pennies plus shipping at digikey, then you just need the soldering iron, solder, some braided solder wick, tweezers, and a head mounted magnifying glass.

    I know that's not what you asked, but when you get to the point that you want to modify boards, you should really spend a few hours watching YouTube soldering videos, then jump in and see that it really isn't too hard. Trying to macgyver surface mount resistors just isn't going to turn out well without solder!

  • The real question is how many orders can I place on March 29 before all the SKUs go out of stock!

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