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  • Can this display work on the Raspberry Pi? Also, what about the Beagle Bone Black? Last item, would this work on an Intel Atom motherboard that has an LVDS connector?

  • Awe man, how badly I wish I could attend this but I can’t. I had to have a lower spinal fusion surgery back in March. Unfortunately I exhausted my sick and vacation days. So until July 1st (School System’s fiscal year roll-over), I don’t can’t take a single day off. :( The year before last I was unable to attend due to a surgery that took all my days. I’m really hoping to attend 2015’s AVC, thats my goal at least! :)

  • Will this hook up to the Beaglebone Black?

  • Welcome to the Rainbow Lair!

  • Wow. Was able to add it to my cart but by the time I tried to checkout (right after clicking add to cart) it was already out. Didn’t even have enough time to hit the checkout button. Bummer. =/

  • Where can I find the probes for purchase? I’d like to order enough so I can use all the probe ports on mine. (:

  • “I think I’ve proven why my owner named me Lucky.”

  • I really wish I could attend, but I live in north Louisiana. I wish I lived closer because I would attend for sure!

  • Anyone know if these are in Eagle or have an Eagle lbr? I can find a button with the right dimension.

    Edit- Nevermind! I updated my library from Sparkfun. Found it!

  • Those are a couple of awesome machines you guys have! Those are nice looking!

    I do have a question, I’m about to begin building 10-15 boards every two weeks (maybe three) but need a way to create stencils easily. How would you recommend making them for a small home-based fabrication? I’ve seen various methods and not sure what would be the best way to start off with. Any suggestions would be great!

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Every Block along with the Intel Edison itself all together.