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  • I am not sure if this is being monitored anymore, but I am having an issue with this shield. I am successfully recording data to the SD card and polling the CAN card. However, the CAN buffer is never being populated. I am trying to record broadcasted CAN communications from another CAN device. I have verified, with another CAN card, that data is going out over the network. I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with this type of problem or if I might be overlooking something obvious.

    I am using skpang’s latest ECU code, and using the message_rx function to poll the bus.

    Any thoughts?

    UPDATE : I placed an 120 ohm resistor between the CANh and CANl pins since I am directly connecting with another terminated node. I have verified that the other node is communicating at the same speed and, with another adapter, that it is transmitting data. I have run the loop back test described by some other tutorials and that is successful.

    UPDATE 2 : Ok, so try not to make the same mistake I did with the pinout. This shield doesn’t follow any de facto pinouts for CAN connectors. So unless you are using one designed for this shield it is likely that whatever you are connected to won’t work out of the box. Everything appears to be working at the moment.

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