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  • On-line I have noticed that there are a large number of people having issues with getting the ADXL-345 to generate interrupts using the example code contained in the Sparkfun library. If you uncomment all the portions of the code associated with interrupts and remove the ADXL_ISR function call from the loop routine you will not receive any interrupts. This can be very frustrating for users. The fix is very simple though. In setup, after calling attachinterrupt add a call to the ADXL_ISR function. The issue is that during setup one or more events have been triggered. Once triggered an interrupt will not be generated until the interrupt source has been read. Reading the interrupts source clears the trigger and allows an interrupt to be generated for the next event that is trigger. Calling the ADXL_ISR reads the interrupt source, clearing the trigger and allowing another interrupt to occur.

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