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  • Hi, I've got another question: I've been pushing the Tsunami (~20 voices playing at a time, tracks fading in and out) and I'm running into some stuttering. It's system-wide: all voices, whatever their output, stutter simultaneously when there is a stutter.

    It seems to happen randomly, maybe once every minute, and doesn't seem to coincide with serial command inputs or the starting/ending of track playback.

    Does this sound like an SD card problem? I started with a Kingston 4G SDC4, which is on your list of recommended SD cards, but it was stuttering badly. I'm getting better results using an SD card that isn't on the list, but still the occasional stutter. I don't have a WAV trigger. is there a way for me to test my SD cards write times without one? do you have other suggestions for troubleshooting? Thanks

  • Thanks for the quick reply! Got it working now. As far as doing without the arduino library, it's been seamless sending control messages straight from Max -> Sparkfun FTDI 3.3v breakout -> Tsunami Thanks again

  • Hi, I'm testing serial control of the Tsunami, and I'm generally getting good results, but I can't get the reporting working. I'm using the new mono firmware (V1.01m), and am using 0xf0, 0xaa, 0x06, 0x0e, 0x01, 0x55 to turn reporting on. I get system and version info when I request it, just not reporting.

    I noticed that in the user guide, the output message code for reporting is 0x83, but the example uses 0x84. Is it possible that the wrong message code is listed for turning reporting on? Thanks

  • Anybody know a way to increase sensitivity beyond setting touch threshold to 0x01?

    with the capsense() example, (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/CapSense) a resistor of 10M made each electrode proximity sensitive.

    I need to run really long wires to 12 electrodes and I am getting no response from the MPR121.

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