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  • Ok for a aerospace project, I,d like to send a balloon to the set altitude(estimated by the recorded burst height from balloon manufacture)And when it comes down their would be one small drogue chute outside of the capsule,and then this larger parachute inside this compartment on top of the capsule, if I had a altimeter(electronic barometric sensor/resistor) that once I pass a certain altitude proportional to the pressure and density, the altimeter would let electricity through to a bare metal resistor to burn a small string, letting the tension from an external spring, pull the little hatch off,consequently the force from the drogue chute would pull the larger one out.

    The reason for this,is that since the launch is going to be in Florida, we need to get up as fast as possible and descend as fast as possible to avoid landing in the ocean.

    Where would I find such electronic component? And set it up.

    The temperature would be a substantial factor in the operation of this altimeter, so hopefully you could lead me to a rather good/hard one. :)

    Thanks. Edward King Tampa injury attorney

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