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  • Does you guys machine require you to have the flash drive with the license installed when using the software and machine?

  • Awesome, we have the exact same one here. They are great machines, ours is pretty new, so we are still getting the hang of everything!

  • Just watched the video, is that a Yestech AOI by Nordson? It's alot like ours.

  • what kind of AOI do you guys have? We just got two Nordson AOI's at work and they are really great machines. I just finished designing a vision system with some Keyence sensors for aesthetic checks. What about your pick and place machines? We have two Jukie FX's and a Jukie 760.They are great machines!

  • a 330 ohm on red and a 220/240 ohm on green and blue seem to give me the best color

  • Will these BoB's fit a TSSOP part? Like the TI ADS7828 ADC? The pitch of the pins is correct, but I am not sure about the width, just the body of the IC is 4.5mm but the distance across from the end of the leg to the end of the leg on the other side is 6.6mm. It says it will fit parts that are a minimum of 5mm but I am unsure as to whether this is the body only or from lead to lead? Thanks very much for the help!

  • I have used the AT45 along with a Freescale MCF52233DEMO 32 bit processor for program memory, etc and they have done extremely well.

  • Does anyone have a schematic showing how to hook up the speakjet to this text to speech chip? Not the voice box shield, but just both through hole parts? Also, I highly doubt it but does anyone know of the .HEX file that can be loaded onto the Cypress PSoC CY8C29466 IC? I have a ton of these chips laying around from an old PSoC 1 project I was doing a few months back.

  • The chipKIT MAX32 by Digilent, 80MHz, 83 I/O'S, using a 32 bit PIC processor is a 3.3v device yet they have configured it so every single pin on the board is 5 volt tolerant! It uses an IDE that is almost identical to Arduino, the basic code is the exact same. They have an UNO and a Mega size one, for $25 and $50. Great little boards, love mine! Check them out, they may be what you need to hold you over for a while.

  • I have that same tip on my WES51. Good tip for really fine pitch parts!

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