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  • If anyone's interested, I have a design for a 'companion' board that fits on the back of these and has space for 3 TLC5940's to drive the LED's from a serial connection with 12-bit brightness depth. The boards can be chained etc

  • I hate to be a curmudgeon, but these are silicone, not silicon! (that would be kind of difficult to press...)

  • I have used these behind standard plexiglass. It tends to make the signal slightly more noisy, but detection works and helps protect the sensors which are quite sensitive to dirt and scratches.

  • It's pretty much a direct substitution. IE Change 'Serial.print(cmd, BYTE);' to 'Serial.write(cmd);' etc. For example, 'Serial.write(0x90); Serial.write(0x24); Serial.write(0x7F);' sends note-on for a low 'C' at max velocity.

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