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  • This is excellent, but it's missing the trackball for all those great centipede / missile commander type games!

  • I was excited to see this until 1) saw the price and 2) Windows ONLY software? Yea, No.

  • Ah, thanks for clarifying!

  • I must be blind, the only pricing I can see for the dashboard is team pricing at $49/mo?? Is there any detailed information on what comes with the Photon (ie: free for hobbyists?) or a breakdown of dashboard pricing? I assume it can use other online dashboards such as freeboard.io?

  • Yep! Was looking at the NeoPixels just for that actually. Cheers.

  • I'm actually just about to start on the same project, so I'll be watching yours carefully. I plan on using Arduino to terminate all buttons, trackball, joystick etc. and using the USB Keyboard emulator back to the RBPi this way it has the best compatibility for the various emulators. I'll also be using another arduino to run a bunch of LEDs in the cabinet, perhaps some nice blue ones out of the bottom? But here's my biggest change/suggestion: There's no reason to have a massive cabinet anymore especially with flat screens. So I'll be making mine the standard height and width, but the depth will probably only be 6 inches on the main cabinet, and 12ish including the control panel. This way I can "hang" the cabinet on any wall and not use a large amount of floor space. Another benefit is it'll probably weight half as much!

  • I buy everything from Sparkfun. But I do wish you guys came up with this: http://www.adafruit.com/products/2000. Was hoping you'd have it here too, don't want to buy somewhere else!

  • Perfect form factor for cool little LED projects. Did this one in a day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beaXHy3TiCc&feature=youtu.be

  • +1 on the serial interface!

  • Ok, I don't get it. This was possible (same quality, same sound library) with the SPO-256 chip that Radio Shack sold over 20 years ago for $29.95. http://www.futurebots.com/spo256.pdf
    You'd think there's something better by now? Better sound/voice processor somewhere?

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