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  • Somebody, please answer! )

  • Hello! Please, answer: what difference with using other crystal? For example 16MHz? Can this make some internal errors, or this just make this chip slowly???

  • OK! Problem is missing! ) But now i have problem with 3.3v & 5V, because this UART TTL get 5v on Arduino, but my MPU-6050 must have 3,3v on board. How i can repair that problem???

  • Hello everyone! I have this chip, but i haven’t UART TTL decoder. Can you answer: Can I use this UART TTL converter that comes with APC-220 (http://www.goodluckbuy.com/apc220-wireless-communication-module-for-arduinousb-converter.html) for download sketches in this Arduino??? And if it possible, how i must connect it???

  • Thank you very much! But i find some bug with my sensor. Why i catch accelerometer data from gyro function and gyro data from acceleration function from your example on GitHub??? When i use MPU6050_raw example, i catch data in range -15000/15000 (and this data must be in gyro variables, because it show angle, not acceleration) from ax, ay, az; and data in range -35000/35000 from gx, gy, gz. I catch reversed data. Why it may be???

  • Jeff can you recommend any of the Kalman filter code that works with the sensor to the Arduino???

  • Thank you very much! after administration of 3.3 volts on VIO my module come to life! And I was very happy with this! Please, answer on one more question: which pull-up resistors will be better: 10k or 4k5??

  • Hello everyone! I,m from Russia and sorry for english at first! ) I use this accel&gyro who was bought on this site, and I have some problems with this board!!! Please Help! I connect SCL on the board to A5 and SDA to A4 inputs with pull-up resistors (10k or 4,7k) on Ardruino MEGA. GND to Ground & VDD to 3,3V. But I2C Scanner didn’t find my MPU6050 board. What i do wrong????!!!!

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