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  • This is an amazing product and a must-have for any educator in Tech Ed or Instructional Tech. The sheer value in this kit is mind boggling. It has a breadth of hardware that will give students a perfect primer to Arduino and Microcontrollers as a field of science. The SIK Instructional Guide itself is an invaluable and well written educational document.

    I only have a couple recommendations for Sparkfun with regards to this product -

    1. Source a new vendor for the Arduino / Breadboard Mounting Plate. Even after getting a new shipment, these boards are still arriving with significant amounts of warp to them.
    2. Provide a third screw for mounting the Arduino. The board tends to torque ever so slightly over time with just 2 mounting screws.
    3. Change the Color or Transparency of the breadboard. While the Translucent Red matches your company's color theming, the actual 'sockets' are very difficult to see due to Translucency, making it a bit difficult to use.
    4. Choose a Breadboard in which the Bus Terminals align horizontally with the Breadboard Row Terminals. This not only helps aesthetically, but gives a bit more 'intuitiveness' to beginning students unsure of what s/he is doing.

    Thanks again SparkFun!

  • Please Edit the Picture to specify more accurately that these are sold in Single Units. I know the Description says this, but it is very easy for customers (like myself) to order a pair of these and think they're getting 4, with the picture.


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