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  • Thor gets distracted. Grimlock attacks.

  • Can the LiPo be attached as a backup power source for situations where the USB power source fails??

    So, I have both a LiPo and USB walwart plugged into the unit, the power will draw from the USB and charge the LiPo. Then the USB power goes out because of a storm. Does the power automatically shift to the LiPo?

  • Joel, Thanks for the post. A I've said before, I'm working on a similar setup. So it's great to see the ideas others have come up with and integrate them into my own system. The 3D printed holder will come in very handy. And I've just begun to think about how best to visualize the data. Google Charts was my first thought, but the link to Analog.io will give me something else to consider.

    Great post, and keep us updated as you improve/upgrade the system.

  • That link makes me sad because I REALLY wanted one...

  • I would think you can find them anywhere there is a decent Amish community. A couplease years ago I was in western central Wisconsin and saw several for sale at an Amish general store. I've always thought about going back to buy one.

  • Ixnay the cheap Brother machines. I've used several and feel like I spent more time troubleshooting bobbin jams than making anything. It wasn't until I got a mid-range Janome that I felt like I was actually learning anything other than how to untangle knots. But I agree on looking through goodwill and other places. I'm still kicking myself because I donated a very nice machine my mother gave to us when we were in college and my soon-to-be wire thought she would take up sewing (didn't happen).

  • Haha, I had a very similar experience, only it was when I was trying to find a needle to handle the knit fabric I was using. The worker asked me what my wife was making and I very pointedly said "I'M making a Halloween costume."

  • Can you elaborate a little on how you created the charts for your Wordpress site? I've followed all your posts on your aquaponics projects. I'm working on similar projects for my daughter and my brother. I was planning to write something in python that would work on a local server but the Wordpress/Google Charts solution seems like it would be WAY simpler.

  • Karl went with his son to the party dressed only in his wife's best night gown under the false impression that everything is better with sriracha.

  • Two ideas:

    The first is to develop a low cost device to be inserted into a jacket or vest that parents with autistic children can assemble themselves that helps prevent the child from wandering away. A first pass at the idea is that it would use the lilypad mp3 player, flexible speakers, and some type of GPS to geofence locations. If the child wanders away, lights blinks and horns honk.

    The second one is much more selfish. I'm already working on an R2D2 costume that (in the planning stage) will use a lilypad. The problem has been getting the sounds to work. The little beeps a standard one makes doesn't sound quite right. The ability to use mp3s would improve the concept greatly.

    I would design the first one after Halloween so that I can finish the second one - recycling!

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