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  • | about 3 months ago

    Jazz Myn? Is that seriously your daughters name? If so, I think it’s a stroke of genius. I love it!!

    My two daughters are just starting to show an interest in building and hacking stuff. Of course, my 7-year-old’s idea for a first project is to build a Theremin. We’ll see how that goes. We’re working with an arduino and an OpenTheremin.The 9-year-old is working on her Halloween costume and will be integrating a LilyPad and LEDs.

    I’m going to point them both to Jazz’s YouTube page. Tell her to keep up the good work!

  • News - Enginursday: Monitor Twit… | about 5 months ago


    Like I said, it’s just spitting out the temperature every hour right now. I just ordered the pH sensor from you guys today, so I hope to have it hooked up next week or the week after. I’ll probably shut it down in January to solder everything together and then we will get it installed onsite.

  • News - Enginursday: Monitor Twit… | about 5 months ago

    I’m in the middle of a similar project using a Pi to remotely monitor an aquaponics system. I’m using a waterproof DS18B20 and an AtlasScientific pH sensor to collect the data. I then tweet the data every hour so it can be checked any time, any place with a smartphone.

    I’m still prototyping, so it’s just tweeting the temperature of my basement right now. In the spring it will get hooked up to the system. By that time I hope to also have it logging data to a database and capable of displaying basic graphs on the local netwrok. We will also probably include some additional components like water flow and soil moisture sensors, and maybe some solenoid valves. It’s an evolving idea.

  • News - SparkFun Live | about 5 months ago

    Thanks Nick. We won’t be able to tune in to the live webcast, but we will definitely watch it once it is one YouTube.

  • News - SparkFun Live | about 5 months ago

    Not sure how I missed OpenTheremin. Thanks for the link! I’m also going to keep the kit in mind. If all else fails…

  • News - SparkFun Live | about 5 months ago

    I have not seen this before. Thanks for the link. Ultimately we want to make a real theremin, but this looks pretty cool! I thik we will try to dig up some radios and make this for Hack Friday.

  • News - SparkFun Live | about 5 months ago

    Yes, that’s the one I keep coming back to. I’ve been looking around for something that is a little more kid friendly, though. Of course, I’m sure there aren’t too many kids interested in building a theremin. I guess I’m going to have to take the website and translate it into some instructions my daughter feels like she “help” me with.

    Thanks for looking around!

  • News - SparkFun Live | about 5 months ago

    Nick, My daughter (7) and I want to build a real theramin for her school music teacher. I’ve looked at a few resources, but I’m wondering if you have ever come across a good, but simple, set of instructions.

  • Product DEV-12069 | about 5 months ago

    The whole setup would ultimately be more expensive, but would you be better off using one of these hooked up to a an Arduino or Pi? Seems like it would allow more flexibility in the future too.

  • News - Engineering Roundtable - … | about 6 months ago

    You may have just saved me a lot of trial and error. I’m currently working on a similar project. One question for you Joel: My system is outside. Do you think this setup would work as a permanent probe? I was thinking about submersing it, leaving it, taking a reading every few minutes, and having a Raspberry Pi notify me if the temp/pH get out of whack. I’m also planning to have a flow sensor to ensure the system is always circulating.

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