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  • May be too late, but for me, with the Arduino IDE it worked. I just had to import the files one by one and change 2-3 things in the code to make it compile. Etienne email: etilegr, hotmail, com

  • Hi ryowen84,

    The ADC_vect routine in the firmware code has a minor glitch with very visible consequences Glitch: When the ADC finishes reading a value (on channel X for example), and ADC_vect is already executing (for a previous reading on the same channel), the interrupt raised by the ADC is put on hold until the end of the routine. Then the routine is executed again for the new value, which gets saved into the next channel (say channel Y). and the second value read for channel X is saved into a different channel. Consequence: Readings from one channel are saved to another channel. This creates unacceptable noise

    Do you have time to solve this, or do you want a patch ? It’s just adding a variable ADC_vect_running, set to true inside ADC_vect, then adding “sei” and “cli” instructions to let the new interrupt trigger the routine and have a check at the beginning of the routine to exit if ADC_vect_running is set already.

    Etienne email: etilegr, hotmail, com

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