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  • He probably should have said "but metric is what the whole rest of the world uses". I still can't fathom how people can stand to use imperial in engineering, with all its weird constants and conversions and base-12 etc.

  • I'm running 4 on the same Arduino Fio, at around 13 Hz each, but thanks for your help anyway. The factorisation trick will come in handy.

  • Can anyone tell me how I might interface this with an Arduino Fio (connected to 3.6V LiPo) and a motor (requiring 3.3V, relatively low current)??

    The lack of any manual is disheartening...

  • Would I be able to use this with a 3.3V Arduino Fio, to drive 4 motors (requiring 0-3.3V inputs)?

  • Do you have perhaps a second degree approximation for the inverse of the output?

    My Arduino can't handle 4th degree equations at 50Hz... :(

  • Has anyone tried getting the Razor AHRS firmware/software working over XBee wireless? The tutorial provides provisions for use with a Bluetooth Mate, but not with an XBee...

    EDIT: Got it working... actually easier than expected. Many thanks to Peter Bartz from Razor AHRS. :)

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