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  • Has anyone tried to play an h.264 movie on this thing? Rasperry Pi uses omxplayer (as does xbmc) curious how one of these little guys would perform tethered to a TV and playing movies. 720p? 1080p? Can someone who has one try?

  • Curious how it compares to the new beaglebone: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B80aJokrBccAMjNPRDBoMkUwWXc/view´╗┐

  • Has anyone tried to get this working with the Raspberry Pi? Adafruit has one that works with the pi, but this one seems more compact and a better asthletic fit for my project. Anyone done it yet?

  • Anyone know how hard/possible it would be to record the FM signal to an SD card on my arduino? I'd like to then play the recordings from the SD card on my PC. Timeshift some of my favorite radio programs, possible with arduino and this chip?

  • Would it be possible to take the audio from this device and save it to the SD card on my arduino? Or are other hardware components needed to handle the audio? I want to save the audio to an SD card in a format that I can remove the card from my arduino and then play it on my computer.

  • Hey is it possible to write the data coming off the FM reciever to a file that can be listened to later?

  • I am wondering the same thing, if a guy does not have a desktop power supply what is the best way to get sufficient voltage to this thing?

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