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  • Sorry I did not see your post before. TBH I dont remember what I changed exactly but it boiled down to some delay that had to be suppessed or added. This thing is pretty sensitive to how you handle the serial comm. For example code like: while (...) Serial.write(Serial1.read()); does not work. It looks like intertwinning calls to different serial ports (HW/SW) is not a good idea. So you need to use a small buffer in between.

  • You can find a library that works with 1.0.x code : http://code.google.com/p/linksprite-serial-cam-arduino/ and some examples sketches.

  • Yes the cpp file contains the actual code, the .h file contains only the declarations. Put it in the same directory as the .h file.

  • Not sure with the adafruit library but it can do 115200 bds on a leonardo (HW serial) so it should be OK with the Mega. I use my own library (search linksprite camera in google code).

  • OK I did not really pay attention:

    eallaud at gmail dot com


  • You can send it to me I will post it to google code and to the playground. Thx

  • OK it works: you have to take the picture, read the data then stop picture and you can take another picture. DO NOT stop the picture before having read all the data with readData, it gave me corrupted pictures. I will upload a sketch to the google code site in a minute.

  • To be honest I did not try ;-) Try to call the stop taking picture function (stopPictures()). Let me know if it changes anything.

  • OK I think you can now try the new library (just very small changes): it works for me using a leonardo and software serial on pins 10 (RX) and 11. BUT I had to put change the baud rate to 19200 for the software port to work reliably: I get perfect pictures with this setting. HTH

  • I run everything on 5v. I think there is no problem on UNO, IIRC the real problem is for RX as it must be interrupt driven and some pins on mega and leonardo cannot trigger interrupt on level change, though I am not really sure. Anyway you can find the "good" pins in the software serial examples. I remember someone saying that at 3.3V you could not set baud rates as high as with 5v.

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