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  • Turns out it was a logic level problem :-( I somehow missed that the board only accepts 3v logic. I hooked up 3v power, but I did not think about the I2C bus at all. Silly me.

  • So I just got another BMP085 sensor. Now I get a slightly different reading, but stil WAY off: Temperature: -94.50deg C Pressure: 164913 Pa Standard Atmosphere: 1.6276 Altitude: -4304.71 M

    This seems to me that there MUST be some sort of calibration issue. Has anyone else seen this?

  • At this point I've tried at least 4 different Arduino sketches for this sensor and keep getting the same data which is obviously wrong: Temperature: -57.70 C Pressure: 179446 Pa Standard Atmosphere: 1.7710 Altitude: -5092.54 M

    At least for the most part the temperature is consistent among the different sketches. However I'm testing this in my house which is obviously not that cold. I'm using an Arduino Micro (ATmega32u4). I've wired everything up correctly according to the schematics. Is there some additional calibration that I need to do with this board? One more thing I tried was to see if I could alter the temperature readings by placing ice near the sensor. Well, that didn't seem to change anything. I still get -57.70 C. I'm currently using this sketch

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