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  • To help build your confidence/comfort level, you might want to try picking up an Ardweeny kit for about $10 (http://www.diybin.com/products/Solarbotics-Ardweeny.html). You will have to spend another $14 on an FTDI (http://www.diybin.com/products/DFRobot-FTDI-Basic-Breakout-3.3-5V.html), which brings the total up to about the cost of an Ardunio on sale. But the FTDI is a one-time purchase - in the future all you’ll need to buy is the Ardweeny. In fact, once you’ve seen the schematic for the Ardweeny, you’ll probably just want buy the parts and assemble your own - that will lower the price to about $7 per project. At that point, you’ll probably start buying in bulk to save on shipping!

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