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  • On its way.

  • I do believe it's now a brick. I've burned through a few of these trying to find the right .hex to get it working. The best one I've found was given to me by Nordic's tech support.

  • To get this thing working over usb, I had to contact Nordic Semi's tech support and ask for a usb-to-uart .hex firmware and driver. To actually install the firmware to the chip, You have to grab Nordic Semi's nRFGo Studio (should be free). Included with the studio was the Bootloader driver (nRF24LU1P-F32 BOOT LDR driver), and the software needed to upload another hex file. I installed the driver and the dongle appearred in nRFGo Studio as a "bootloader". From there, I uploaded the usb-to-uart .hex firmware into the dongle. I removed and replaced it from the computer and it tried to install a new driver - the one I got from tech support. After that, the dongle showed up as a serial COM device and I could access it through Processing and spit data.

    Hope this helps.

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