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  • You'll be happy to hear that AI/ML is already possible using Espruino on the micro:bit V2. It uses a very similar MCU to the Bangle.js and we (NearForm) worked with Gordon in Espruino last November to get TensorFlow Lite Micro running on the Bangle along with a sample gesture recognition model.

    Latest Espruino release announcement with micro:bit V2 support is here

    More on TF and Bangle.js is here


  • Historians report that, despite inventing Ultimate LED Frisbee, Tyrannosaurus Rex struggled in the local leagues.

  • New Standing Desk initiative goes disastrously wrong as flat-pack instructions are mis-read.

  • The App is pretty unreliable. Works ok-ish on my HTC Sensation but does a lot of Force-Closing on an old HTC G1. In both cases, loses the connection very easily and leaves the car's motors spinning at whatever speed they were set to beforehand.

  • We had some fun this Christmas controlling the i-racer with a Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey over Bluetooth.

    I should have some better code for it in the next few days. It's a great piece of kit.


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