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  • I contacted customer service, described my problem' and sent a picture of my meters reading 6.48 volts. Tech support was very fast in their reply. Not just a reply that they got my message, but a personal response that they had tested their own charger, agreed that mine seemed out of spec, and said they would send me a new one. That’s a fine example of customer service handled the right way.

  • Thanks, I sent a note, I’ll report back what I find out for everyone’s benefit.

  • Mine is putting out 6.5 volts with a 3.7v LiPo and no load. I have the output going to a USB port, with straight voltage to the voltage pins, and a voltage splitter supplying 3/5 voltage to the data pins. But, my iPod (second gen Nano) refuses to charge. I think my iPod is rejecting it because of over voltage, but I thought I would check to see of anyone else has done this and had similar problems.

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